In the words of the Passover seder: “Good food. Strong drink. Great music.” Al shum mah??? Good question. So let’s break it down for you. Good food: We offer seafood, grilled meats, Filipino specialties and Western standards every day, plus specials with whatever’s freshest from the market. Most dishes can be tailored for your diet – vegetarian, food allergies and the like – and if there’s something not on the menu that you’re madly hankering for, the chef can probably make it. Breakfast fare is omelets, hash browns, bacon, toast, and the best (only) shakshuka in El Nido. The coffee is always FRESH and STRONG, no instant or stale crap here. If you’re heading off an island jaunt, we can make sandwiches for takeaway. Our portions are big, our prices are not. You won’t leave here hungry. Think of us as a restaurant that has good drinks and music. Strong drinks: When our bartenders are learning new recipes, they test them on me. Now carabaos are fairly solid and after a long day in the rice paddy, we can drink. So I’m liable to tell the bartender, “It’s really good. It’s almost there. It just needs a bit more alcohol.” The result is that our drinks tend toward the strong side. If you’re slight, or prefer just to tickle your palate, we can tone them down for you; otherwise, enjoy. Oh, and we have a rule: Anyone who teaches the bartender how to make a new drink gets one free. Think of us as a great little bar, with awesome tunes and tasty vittles. Oh and did I mention the Scotch? Only the good stuff. Great music: From Hank to Hendrix, sure. But also Eno to Elvis, Marley to Morphine, Sinatra to Soundgarden, Ziggy to Zeppelin. There must have been a reason we spent so many thousands of dollars on CDs in our youth, and apparently this was it. We’ve got the beach town Bob, of course, but so much more than that (about 220 GB more, if you must know). Think of us as a music lounge that serves food and drink. Yeah, that’s it! On any given day Cesaria Evora, Buddy Guy, Jeff Buckley or Lee Morgan might stop by. The Black Crowes and the Counting Crows, Steel Pulse and Steely Dan, Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell, Fela and Suba, the Shins and Elbow, Jacqueline du Pre and Janes Addiction – they all play at the Lonesome Carabao (on the stereo -- you know what we mean, wise guy). We could go on – Talvin Singh and Talking Heads! Stereolab and Stereophonics! – but one day we’ll just compose an acrostic. We’re a little weak in R&B and hip-hop (but willing to learn, so bring your iPods!) but otherwise we think you’ll like the music.