Howdy Pardner, and welcome to the Lonesome Carabao Lounge!

We’re a bar, a music lounge and a restaurant -- and quite a cozy little place in one of the coolest towns on the planet, if we do say so ourselves. We’re your home away from home in El Nido. The place you go when you need a jolt of good coffee, or some rib-sticking cooking – fresh fish on the grill, chicken adobo or banana-chocolate crepes. Some serious single-malt Scotch, or a big-screen TV to watch the World Cup, movies or the Super Bowl. A Wi-fi connection, whenever the gods smile. And great tunes, morning and evening.
El Nido is a lovely town. Quiet, quaint, the kind of place where you’re more likely to be woken up by roosters than by traffic. Ok, between us, you’re more likely to wake up when the electricity goes off at 6 a.m. and your air-con shuts down… but that's the beauty of life in the tropics. If you haven’t seen the beaches around here, check out our gallery page. The Philippines has the best beaches in Asia, and El Nido has the best in the Philippines – and for some reason the secret’s not really out. You can still find solitude here: Have a boat drop you on a nearby island, alone on a palm-fringed slice of paradise in the middle of the sea. Better yet, have the pilot barbecue you some fish for lunch. Think “Castaway,” with a cooler of San Miguel Light.
So now just who or what or where is this Lonesome Carabao??? Well, he’s the owner. The DJ. The spirit of the place. Sometimes in this text he's singular, sometimes plural (hey, it pays to be an omniscient narrator.) But there’s a little more to the answer than that.
The carabao is the Southeast Asian water buffalo, the national animal of the Philippines. Take a ride outside town and you’ll see plenty of us plowing the fields or carrying a load on our backs. In our free time, we like long walks on the beach and lying about in the mud. (Ok, we don’t really walk on the beach, that’s just a pick-up line for the lady carabaos.) And why is said carabao allegedly so lonesome? Well I don’t want to get all Kierkegaardian on you or anything, but any deep thinker, be he man or bovine, should have a bit of melancholy about him, don’t you think? Plus I can’t deny the name's got a nice little twang to it.
So that’s the Lonesome Carabao Lounge. Check out the next few pages for more on our motto and some pics of the bar, the beaches and the surrounding area. And be sure to pop in for a bite, a drink and a listen with the L.C. himself.
Now get along, little buffalo…

Our Address:
Pops District
Brgy. Corong-Corong
El-Nido, Palawan